Double K Staff

New Directors coming soon!
Ryan and Marieke Culby

The Double K Board of Directors has hired Ryan & Marieke Culby as new Co-Executive Directors to replace Ed & Jan Cogar.  Culby’s will begin working Apr 1st and the Cogar’s will be working alongside them through July.  Cogar’s will retire this fall.  Culby’s come to Double K with 20 years’ experience directing other camps with expertise in Adventure Programming.  They have two children, ages 5 & 8.  

Co-Executive Directors
Ed and Jan Cogar

Save the date!  June 1-3, 2018!   “We are so excited for the 2018 Men’s Retreat – we invite you to come to the mountain for a time of encouragement, uplift, adventure and fellowship.  Joel comes with a background of physical fitness & team building & Bob comes from a business perspective; Bob brings great spiritual team-building concepts by learning to work; Ed Cogar will lead us in an afternoon of physical team work through whitewater rafting adventure- you won’t want to miss.  This is the year for us to put the physical and the spiritual together.  Please invite all your men to join us for this great opportunity.”     Tim Bruner- DK BoardEd & Janice met at Warner Pacific College, married and then pastored churches in Tigard, OR; Oceanside, CA; Gresham, OR and Guam.  Ed is an ordained minister of the Church of God.  Ed worked as a counselor for troubled teens and also began a wilderness para-missions organization, Samaritan Adventures.  They have primarily invested most of their ministry efforts as the founding Directors of On The Edge Ministries in Portland, Oregon, a Christian wilderness ministry that they started in 1996 that uses whitewater rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, caving, and biking as a way to introduce Jesus to youth.  The Cogars’ ministry became well-known for developing and disciplining/ equipping servant leaders who have gone on to become some well-known leaders, pastors, professors, and chaplains. Based on Christ-centered principles, this faith-centered, as well as experiential approach to evangelism has been implemented in many churches and other nonprofits across the states. 

Besides building a wilderness ministry, Ed started his own swiftwater training company, This organization is responsible for training hundreds of fire department personnel, sheriffs, search and rescue teams and wilderness guides.  Not only was Ed trained at Warner Pacific College, but he has been an Adjunct Professor at Warner Pacific College in the religion department training youth pastors. 

Jan was a music major at Warner Pacific and has taught music (piano, voice, choir and music theory) as well as leading and supporting church worship on the west coast.  She home-schooled parts of their children’s education.  Her administrative and bookkeeping skills have balanced out their ministry team together. 

The down-to-earth Cogar’s are known as people of faith and are not afraid of jumping into new ventures of ministry.  They humbly model integrity while excelling at living their convictions out-of-the-box.  Currently, they are the Co-Executive Directors of Double K Retreat & Adventure Center in Easton, WA which is a 501(c)3 ministry of the Pacific NW Assoc of Churches of God. 

The Cogar’s have three grown children, all serving the Lord, and 5 grandchildren.  


Facilities Manager Glen Mckee

Glenn and the family have come from a camp in Southern California as well as camps in New Hampshire and Texas.  Glenn is loaded with many skills and is our new Facilities Manager with Jay Berline is working alongside him. 

Jay berline

Jay is pure gold.  He has worked in DK facilities a long time and has much history here.  He is helping Glenn and ‘imparting his knowledge’ of DK’s facilities history.  He has a generous heart and love for Double K.  .    

Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Taigaafi

You will still find Cynthia doing an excellent job as Administrative Assistant, communicating with client groups, managing the office and doing many needed projects.    

Food Services Manager
Karri Jenseni

Karri started as Food Service Manager last July   bringing passion for people, homemade food, laughter and a heart for God.   Our client groups are enjoying the food and her joyful spirit; she has a great laugh.  She came from Ellensburg where she was a cook.    

Housekeeping & Baking
Maria McKee

Maria is taking over the Housekeeping and helping Karri with the kitchen baking.


Vicki Riverg

Vicki  Riverg first came to us as a volunteer helping in the kitchen and housekeeping from the Easton Community Church.   She is such a good worker we hired her.   


Noah McKee is helping by washing dishes and helping in grounds.  Also… he’s a really good guitarist.